If You Think We’re Trying To Scare The “You-know-what” Out Of You. . . You’re Absolutely Right!

Potential outcome of not cleaning your dryer vent

Please don’t let this happen to your family.

But that’s because most people simply don’t give this very real threat enough weight. We’re talking about your clothes dryer and the potential fire hazard you may have RIGHT NOW lurking in your home. Most people never even give this frightening issue a second thought, that is until it’s too late.

Dear Friend,
Every year there are over 13,000 dryer fires in this country causing a whopping $62.7 million dollars in damages. That’s not even mentioning the injuries and loss of life involved with these fires. And according to a retired Lieutenant from the Naperville fire department we spoke to, it’s not so much the dryer fire that causes all the damage, but rather the smoke from the fire. The last thing we, at Indoor Air, Inc., want is for you to be a victim of a fire. And dryer vent cleaning is typically not on the top of people’s minds, or worse, a painful regret after the fact. When Indoor Air performs a dryer vent cleaning, we do it right. We clean: the ducting from the dryer to the outside. So please, don’t put yourself, or your family at risk. Give us a call and schedule a dryer vent cleaning today!

Don’t Put Your Family At Risk!
Ask anyone who has had a fire in their home and they will tell you, without question, that it is a horrifying experience that they wouldn’t want to repeat.

• Help prevent a dryer fire
• Optimize your dryer’s efficiency
• Promote proper airflow
• Extend the life of your appliance
• And save money

What We Clean:

Vinyl Dryer Vent Hoses

These are the potentially dangerous vinyl dryer vent hoses that do not have foil coating.

The ducting from the clothes dryer to the outside,
including the outside vent. (White vinyl ducting is
replaced with a foil ducting when possible.)

Dryer Vent Cleaning will help make your home safer and increase the efficiency of your clothes dryer. A clean dryer passes air easier which drys faster and builds up less heat which means your dryer works less and uses less energy and is safer.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee

The Indoor Air cleaning method is completely safe for your family and your duct work. And with our exclusive 37 Point Quality Control Checklist, you’re assured of an exceptional cleaning — every time. For added peace of mind Indoor Air offers one of the strongest guarantees in the industry and it’s in writing on every receipt. If you’d like a professional cleaning performed by a professional company, give us a call today!