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    We had not cleaned our air ducts in some time, so there was extra work to be done to get them clean. They worked with energy and efficiency to get a superior job done. The two men worked as a great team – each humming along on his share of the work, and also in constant communication with each other. Their invoice matched their quote.

    Linda P.

    The technician arrived promptly at 7:30 and was very courteous and careful. He explained all that he would be doing, made sure to answer all my questions, and kept me notified of his progress. Our dryer vent is very difficult, but he worked for almost 2 hours to get it done right. He was super conscientious and really did a thorough job throughout the house.

    Deborah R.

    Everything went great. The two technicians who came out explained everything, showed me some tips, and were very professional and efficient. My wife and I were moving into an old house with our new baby, and we wanted to clean out the system (not sure that had ever been done before). The Indoor Air guys did a great job, and left the house feeling and smelling much better.

    Steve H.

    First time ever having the air ducts cleaned in my 53 year old Schaumburg. I have a dog and a cat so it was a little overdue! Very happy with the job Indoor Air did. They explained the process thoroughly, pricing was aggressive, and the worker did a great job. Nice to be able to run the air now and not have dust flying around! Highly recommended

    Timothy M.

    When I called the owner she got back to me right away and was able to schedule a fairly quick time slot. They arrived right on time and the gentleman was very professional and very clean and thorough. They are just the best long-term due to quality of work and long time standing in community.

    David B.
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