Cat Allergies

//Cat Allergies

You Don’t Need To Kick Your Cat Out To Help You With Your Cat Allergies

Most people think that when they are allergic to a cat that they’re allergic to the fur on the cat– not so. What people are really allergic to is the cat’s saliva. There’s a protein in the cat’s saliva that causes the allergic reaction. The cat licks him/herself and gets saliva on the fur. The saliva dries and becomes airborne. The protein in the saliva enters your lungs or gets into your eyes and whammo, allergic reaction.

An easy way to deal with this problem is to simply wipe the cat off with a damp towel a couple of times per week. This will greatly lower the amount of allergens being released into the air. And make the person with the cat allergy feel a whole lot better too.


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