Here are a few happy customers who have called or emailed about our service

(Phone Message)
Hi, this Elaine P. Your guys came to my house today in Downers Grove. I just wanted to let you they were excellent. I would recommend you any time. They were neat. They were clean. They were personable. They did a great job. So anyhow, I just wanted you to know that. Thanks again. Bye bye.


I hired Indoor Air, Inc. to clean my home’s air duct system. And I want to say that I was very pleased with the job. The 2 men that Indoor Air sent out to clean my air ducts were very hard working and professional young men. I give this compliment with a great deal of experience and first hand knowledge when it comes to skilled labor. I am retired now, but I was a foreman/supervisor for a very reputable roofing company for over 30 years. I know the difference between “workers” and “slackers”. And the 2 men Indoor Air, Inc. sent out were definitely “workers”. I would recommend Indoor Air, Inc. to anyone who wants a professional job from a professional company.

-Stephen G., Jr.


To whom it may concern:

Yesterday, two young men from your firm came to our residence in Naperville and cleaned and sanitized the heating and return ducts as we had contracted to have done.

They arrived just after eight o’clock in the morning, set right to work with no wasted motion and were pleasant, courteous and respectful of our home. Before we made it clear they could get their best access through the garage, they even shoveled the snow from the front sidewalk!

When the men left, we both remarked upon their work ethic, and wished that all of our transactions with various contractors and tradesmen could be as pleasant. In fact, the young woman with whom we spoke to set up the service was also friendly and helpful during our telephone conversation, and that set the tone.

This little note is intended to compliment you, your staff and your workers on a job well done. It was a pleasure doing business with you and you can be assured that we will recommend your services to anyone we know needing such service.

Yours truly,
Don & Jackie H.


Dear Indoor Air,

My compliments to the people at Indoor Air who serviced our home. We decided to look at having our furnace ducts cleaned after discovering layers of dust upon moving in December. Our landlord was not willing to help with the cost because he had had

[other company name] do the same work just this past July. He apparently shopped price. The people at [other company name] had a 1 week warranty – of course who has their furnace on in July? The house was not occupied until December 1 and the furnace did not function when we moved in. [other company name] never returned my calls when I tried to contact them.

Needless to say your men discovered a large amount of dirt and even toys in the air ducts. They were efficient and professional. Although like anyone, I hated to put money toward our rented property, I think the benefits of going to Indoor Air have been worth it.

I wish your business more success!

Mary Lou R.


To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had with your company. On Friday, I had our air ducts cleaned for the first time in a long time. It was so nice to have a service scheduled that was on time and performed by professionals. The technician explained everything they were doing and was more than happy to answer any questions I had. Tarps were placed appropriately and booties were worn as the two men went in and out of the house. Everything was checked over and completed in a timely manner and looked great.

I have to say I have not always had such a good experience with other people who were hired to do a service at our house. I have had my own horror stories as well as the ones I hear from my boyfriend who works for a contractor, so it was a pleasant surprise to come out of this with a good story to share.

Thanks again to your technicians and I will be sure to call Indoor Air when the next duct cleaning is needed.

Penny W.


Dear Indoor Air,

The two technicians you sent to our home are worth their weight in gold!! To have employees that are courteous, knowledgeable, hard working, polite, friendly, intelligent and sincere (I could go on) is amazing!

I am a Personnel Coordinator for a large company and deal with people on a daily basis, the two men that came out are definitely a plus for your company! Everything from start to finish was exceptional! I will definitely recommend your service to friends and coworkers!

The S. Family


Dear Indoor Air,

Thank you so much for coming to my office in January. The results of your cleaning the air ducts in the office were immediately felt not only by myself but also some og my allergy suffering patients.

The service that you performed is greatly appreciated. Clean environments are so important to everyone’s well being. What we breathe affects not only our health but our energy level as well.

Thank you again for offering such a wonderful and needed service.

David C. Lee, D.C.



We are very pleased with the service we received from Indoor Air and feel motivated to express our feelings. Beginning with your telephone reception we found that you are knowledgeable, personable and made a convincing reason not to make other calls for comparison. Courtesy pays!

Your service representative not only knew the technical procedures of air duct cleaning but was knowledgeable on the subject of airflow. He is a very impressive young man, competent and did a very thorough job. Competence pays!

We would like whoever heads Indoor Air to get a copy of this letter as an expression of our appreciation.

Best wishes for continued success in your business.


Bert C.


Dear Indoor Air,

I called Indoor Air, Inc. a couple of weeks ago to get a quote. At the time I thought that the price Indoor Air was charging was too high, so I decided to go with a less expensive company. I was told by the person I talked to from this other company that he was the owner; that he was licensed and certified; and that he would be coming out to clean my air ducts. I scheduled the appointment and was looking forward to the cleaning.

On the day of the job, the company I hired showed up at my home and the person who I talked to on the phone was NOT the person who showed up to do the cleaning. After asking this young man some questions I found out that he only did this part time and was not certified! I also noticed that he was running a large hose through my first floor window in order to hook into my first floor vent to suck out the dust. I have a basement in my home where the large ducts can be found that attach to my furnace. Things weren’t feeling right. I quickly called Indoor Air, Inc. and spoke with Tony. I asked him if cleaning the air ducts in my home should be done by attaching a hose to my floor vent. Tony asked me some qualifying questions and then told me that for my type of home (with a full basement), that would NOT be the best place to hook in for optimal results. I thanked Tony and said I would probably call him back.

I then told the man at my home that we would pass on their service today. I then called the owner of the duct cleaning company that was currently at my home and told him that I wanted to cancel the appointment because I didn’t feel good about the way things were going, and the procedure they were employing to clean my ducts. To my shock, the owner of that other company hung up on me! I’m glad I had the courage to cancel the job, and now the “hang up” just solidified my decision.

My husband and I called Indoor Air back again and spoke with Tony for some time, going over their procedure and decided that Indoor Air, Inc. was the right choice for us. Luckily, on our third call back to Indoor Air, Tony was able to schedule our cleaning for the very same day.

I found the crew that Indoor Air sent out to be professional and courteous. They made me feel good about my choice to cancel with the other company. I learned my lesson, “you get what you pay for”. I would recommend Indoor Air to my friends and family.

Continued success,

Susan F.