We are passionate about our service and is why all we specialize in is cleaning air ducts and dryer vents nothing else. We also are NOT going to TRY to sell you anything. No air cleaners or new furnaces. We ONLY clean air ducts and dryer vents – vs – other companies that try to upsell you with various products.

Referred by over 50 of the area’s top heating contractors. These companies are putting their reputation on the line when they make a referral. We also are the trusted go to by numerous tradespeople and used by numerous builders. They know what goes on in the trades, and they know who is reliable.

We put together this selection of educational videos about air duct cleaning scams and bait and switch operations so all of our clients are fully educated and practices they will never see Indoor Air duct cleaning specialists engaging in.


Duct cleaning ad prices have fine print

41 Action News - Kansas City: A Call For Action hidden camera investigation into air duct cleaning companies reveals some companies which advertise low prices quickly increase the price when the serviceman arrives.