Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ2022-10-31T14:15:48-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Cleaning

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Will my house be dirty after the cleaning?2022-10-22T20:16:19-05:00

Not the way Indoor Air cleans air ducts. Air duct cleaning can be extremely messy when done improperly. You should be pleasantly surprised at how clean your home remains before, during and after the cleaning. We’re very particular about cleanliness so all of our technicians wear shoe covers in your home and use drop clothes when necessary.

How long does the cleaning process take?2022-10-22T20:15:40-05:00

You can expect anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 hours for an average size home and longer for larger homes. We realize that is a pretty wide range but there a few factors involved like degree of contamination, crew size (a 2 man crew will accomplish more in less time), and the complexity of the duct system. Please note, the time we spend in your home is devoted to cleaning your air ducts. That is to say, some companies will state they take the time to do it right, but the majority of that time is spent washing your vents by hand with very little time spent actually cleaning your ducts, or just standing around banging on the ducts a couple of times while they tell you that the vacuum is doing all the work, or any of the other time wasting gimmicks used by unscrupulous duct cleaners. Our expertise and the money you’re paying us is all spent on the thorough cleaning of your ventilation system.

Is Indoor Air Insured?2022-10-22T20:15:13-05:00

Indoor Air is fully insured and our technicians carry liability certificates with them on the trucks.

Is Indoor Air’s work guaranteed?2022-10-22T20:14:48-05:00

Absolutely. We offer one of the strongest guarantees in the market and more importantly it’s in writing on every receipt.

How much does it cost to have my ducts cleaned?2022-10-22T20:14:04-05:00

There are many factors that we take into account before we can quote you a price. Please call our office and we’d be happy to provide you with an exact quote. We can tell you this, if you’re looking for the cheapest price you’re on the wrong website. If you’re looking for a professional company that does honest work at a fair price, you found your company.

Where does all of the dirt and debris from my ducts go?2022-10-22T20:13:32-05:00

That’s another big difference between Indoor Air and a lot of the other companies out there. We don’t just blow the dust around in your ducts, we completely remove it from your home for good. All the dirt gets collected by our large vacuum system which remains outside your home. We don’t bring any large equipment into your home that might damage walls, only the hoses.

Can I see all the dirt that comes out of my air ducts?2022-10-22T20:13:01-05:00

Unfortunately no. All the dirt and debris go into the same collection bag. However, we can usually show you the inside of your ductwork before and after the cleaning so you can see a difference.

Will all the vents have to be taken off?2022-10-22T20:12:32-05:00

We prefer to take off all the vent covers. However, if they are heavily painted over we have special tools we can use to get the area clean. We can also use a razor to cut a seam around the vent. We do this all the time and have a great deal of experience at it but we can’t guarantee that this action won’t harm the appearance of the wall.

Do you have references you can provide?2022-10-22T20:12:06-05:00

Since the great majority of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth business from our own customer base we do not get many requests for references. We have concluded not to have our customers disturbed. If you decide to employ us, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to be disturbed either.

Does Indoor Air sell humidifiers or furnaces, etc.?2022-10-22T20:11:37-05:00

Indoor Air does not sell, service or repair anything relating to your heating or cooling system. We specialize only in the art and practice of air duct cleaning. We do, however, offer a wonderful stand alone air cleaner called the IQ Air which can be kept in a bedroom or family room. You can find more information on this fantastic unit on this site.

Will holes need to be made in my ductwork?2022-10-22T20:10:56-05:00

In all but a few cases holes will need to be made in the ductwork to clean the system properly. This is nothing that you need to alarmed by. All of Indoor Air’s technicians are trained to use special tools that produce nice clean holes. These holes are made on the main trunk lines of the duct system. Usually one 8 inch hole for each side of your system and then also some 1 inch holes, as needed, to feed through our cleaning tools. When your job is complete, we will professionally seal these holes with sheet metal plates and screws, producing a nice tight fitted seal. The smaller holes are capped with specially made plugs for an air tight fit.

How often should my air ducts be cleaned?2022-10-22T20:10:28-05:00

We recommend air duct cleaning right after your home is built, and then every 3-5 years thereafter.

Should I clean my ducts before or after my heating/cooling system is serviced?2022-10-22T20:10:02-05:00

In this case it really doesn’t matter. Our cleaning methods do nothing to damage or dirty your heating/cooling system. Although if you’re going to have a new furnace installed, we prefer to have the ducts cleaned before the new system is installed. If that can’t be arranged or your contractor prefers the opposite then try to schedule the cleaning no more than a few days after the installation.

What method of cleaning does Indoor Air use?2022-10-22T20:09:24-05:00

Indoor Air utilizes the “source removal” method of cleaning air ducts. So big deal, what does that mean, in English? Source removal is a term used in the duct cleaning industry which means one removes the dust and dirt from the duct system by employing two basic pieces of equipment. First, a vacuum powerful enough to pull the debris out of the duct system. Second, some sort of agitation system which will actually get the dust off the inside walls of the ductwork. But don’t be fooled here, source removal is a very general term and has been used very loosely by unscrupulous duct cleaners looking to rip you off. Many claim to use the correct methodologies, yet few take the time or use the elbow grease required to do the job as thoroughly as Indoor Air.

What types of equipment does Indoor Air use?2022-10-22T20:08:39-05:00

Indoor Air uses only the latest, state of the art equipment (some of it custom made exclusively for Indoor Air), which provides you with an impeccable duct cleaning. We have scoured the globe to find what’s going to work best with the types of homes we have here and at the same time make sure it won’t harm your ductwork in any way. But the biggest difference is knowing how to use these tools to give you the best cleaning and that’s where we really shine. Anyone can have a fancy piece of equipment, but do they know what to do with it? Indoor Air has taken duct cleaning to an art form. We clean each side of your system separately, preventing any dirt from getting to the vital parts of your furnace and air conditioner. We thoroughly clean your trunklines from end to end. The trunklines are the large ducts sometimes hidden behind walls or ceilings. Our agitation system gets that caked on dirt off the walls of the ductwork so our large, powerful vacuum can pull it out of your home. And because we specialize in duct cleaning only, we know duct systems like the back of our hand. We have cleaned thousands of homes just like yours. As an added measure each home Indoor Air cleans goes through our exclusive 37 Point Quality Control Checklist so you’re assured of an exceptional cleaning — every time.

What is the sanitizing service?2022-10-22T20:08:04-05:00

Once we remove all the dirt and debris from your system we can apply a solution which is a combination bacteriostat, fungistat, and deodorizer. This product is registered with the EPA to be used in ductwork. The product is fogged through your entire duct system with a special fogging device. The solution is safe for family and pets and can be applied while the home is occupied. If you or someone in your home is sensitive we suggest you check with your physician.

Can I be billed?2022-10-22T20:07:31-05:00

No. Payment is due at the completion of the cleaning.

What type of payment does Indoor Air accept?2024-05-13T10:26:13-05:00

We accept payment at the time of service.

We accept Cash, Check, Venmo.  We do accept credit cards with a 4% convenience fee assessed for all Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

What are your hours of operation?2022-10-22T20:06:22-05:00

Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm. Closed most major holidays.

What are the benefits of having my air ducts cleaned?2022-10-22T20:05:53-05:00

You and you family will enjoy a cleaner environment. You’ll reduce the amount of dust in your home. You’ll help prevent mechanical breakdowns. If your system is really dirty you’ll get improved airflow. You may also reduce some of the allergens in your home. But please note, air duct cleaning is not an end-all cure-all. It is a very good part of an overall plan to improve and maintain good air quality in your home.

Will air duct cleaning eliminate all of my dust problems?2022-10-22T20:05:05-05:00

Many of our customers report a very positive experience when it comes to the non-redistribution of household dust. Many notice a difference in the amount of furniture dusting they do after the ducts are cleaned. But we must say that duct cleaning will not eliminate all dust. A house is a living, breathing structure and dust can enter the home from many different routes. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

What do I need to do to prepare for air duct cleaning?2022-10-22T20:04:26-05:00

We would appreciate it if you cleared any belongings away from the furnace area. Other then that, nothing. We need to get to every air duct vent so we move most furniture except for very heavy objects like waterbeds or pianos. We also put the furniture back exactly where it was when we’re finished.

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We had not cleaned our air ducts in some time, so there was extra work to be done to get them clean. They worked with energy and efficiency to get a superior job done. The two men worked as a great team – each humming along on his share of the work, and also in constant communication with each other. Their invoice matched their quote.

Linda P.

First time ever having the air ducts cleaned in my 53 year old Schaumburg. I have a dog and a cat so it was a little overdue! Very happy with the job Indoor Air did. They explained the process thoroughly, pricing was aggressive, and the worker did a great job. Nice to be able to run the air now and not have dust flying around! Highly recommended

Timothy M.

Everything went great. The two technicians who came out explained everything, showed me some tips, and were very professional and efficient. My wife and I were moving into an old house with our new baby, and we wanted to clean out the system (not sure that had ever been done before). The Indoor Air guys did a great job, and left the house feeling and smelling much better.

Steve H.

The technician arrived promptly at 7:30 and was very courteous and careful. He explained all that he would be doing, made sure to answer all my questions, and kept me notified of his progress. Our dryer vent is very difficult, but he worked for almost 2 hours to get it done right. He was super conscientious and really did a thorough job throughout the house.

Deborah R.

When I called the owner she got back to me right away and was able to schedule a fairly quick time slot. They arrived right on time and the gentleman was very professional and very clean and thorough. They are just the best long-term due to quality of work and long time standing in community.

David B.
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