First Air Duct Cleaning Truck

The very first “truck” we started cleaning with.

It all started on a freezing winter’s night back in 1995… The photo to the right is a picture of our very first “truck”. Most people don’t know this but the founders, Tony and Marta went out on a brutal February night back in 1995 to look at used vans so they could start Indoor Air, Inc. On the dealer’s lot sat three used cargo vans. Tony got in the first one and tried to start it up, but it wouldn’t start, it was that cold. Then Tony got into the second one. Again, just click, click, click, and nothing. The third van was a retired “GE” service truck. In fact, you could still see the outlines of the decals that were on it. Tony got into that one and Vroom! That one started right up. And that’s how they chose their very first “truck”.

We can’t believe it’s been over a quarter of a century since our company first started. And to put it honestly, it’s all due to our wonderful customers. We knew when we opened that we had to provide our customers with exceptional duct cleaning service, especially since they were surrounded by so many sharks, charlatans and scoundrels. And you know what? Unfortunately the duct cleaning industry has not gotten any better. We still hear horror stories all of the time. Unfortunately we have a video gallery of these scammers: Air Duct Cleaning Scams
All of our cleaning vehicles

We have come a long way from that freezing winter’s night back in 1995.

That’s why we’ve built and maintained our company on the following four cornerstones:

  • Courteous Service
  • Professional Workmanship
  • Honest Pricing and Business Practices
  • Continuous Development through research and education

You really only need air duct cleaning services performed, unless someone in the home is suffering from horrible respiratory issues, or remodeling/construction has been done, about once every 4-5 years.

We hope you’ll do us the honor, and yourself the big favor, of hiring us to take care of your duct/ventilation cleaning needs.

Indoor Air has been serving Chicagoland since 1995
Located in Westchester, IL

Since our beginning, we remain a family owned and operated company
Not a franchise. We are the same people that started this company.

Referred by over 50 of the area’s top heating contractors
These companies are putting their reputation on the line when they make a referral

Referred by numerous tradespeople and used by numerous builders
They know what goes on in the trades, and they know who is reliable